Friesday for Camilia

Camila is a sweet, spunky, kind, amazing little girl. She has recently been diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor and is at Children’s Hospital in Calgary receiving chemotherapy. She had surgery in attempt to remove the tumor and the doctors were unable to remove it all. This has resulted in her losing all vision in one eye and leaving her other eye significantly damaged. Her mom is with her at the hospital but thanks to Covid she is only allowed one parent to be with her. Her dad is staying at a hotel in Calgary which we know is not cheap.

Camila is a student (in Glenwood) of The Pass Beer co-owner Kim Thomas so this really hits home for us.

We will be selling fries out our takeout window with half the proceeds going to Camilas family on Saturday May 23 only from 12:00-7:00. 

Check out our FB page for more details!

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$5.00  Your choice

Fries & Gravy


Furious Fries

Fries tossed in Parmesan and topped with chef Amy's Furious Garlic & Parm sauce and green onions.

Our fries are fresh cut and all sauces & gravies are house made!